How to do an In-Text Citations

MLA Format - How to set up your essay

Example Essays: Student Model #1 Student Model #2

Example Introductions: Introduction #1 Introduction #2

Counterargument and Rebuttal:

Begin with a topic sentence which states a strong argument from the opposition.
Some ways to begin:
  • One argument against...
  • Some might believe... but they are wrong because...
  • There are those who disagree with...however,
  • The opposition may say...
  • The other side thinks.....

Example: (claim - for ban on texting and driving)

Some may believe that texting while driving with hands-free devices is the answer to a ban on texting. However, it has been proven that it is not the actual process of texting while driving that distracts the driver. It is the cognitive distraction, or the thinking required in order to complete the task that distracts drivers.

Tips for Writing the Conclusion:

Make it "short and sweet"

1) Good transitional phrase - "All in all..." "As you can see..."- then reword claim statement using strong words

or use this sentence structure -- "When one considers (body #1 topic) and (body # 2 topic), it is clear that...

2) Summarize your main points (body reasons)

3) Answer the "So What?" (Why is this important? Why should we care?) What positive things will happen?

- Ending with a thought-provoking quote can be effective as well

- Writers often link back to the introduction in the conclusion (by reusing a word, reference, or phrase from the first)